Luxury Persian Tabriz Carpet & Rug Dubai.

Tabriz carpet is popular and is a Persian carpet. It is made in a city in Iran named Tabriz. It is known for being the most exquisite type of carpet in Dubai, UAE, and even around the globe. It is a popular choice due to its unique designs and patterns. Tabriz Persian rugs are considered high-quality carpets with the benefit of durability and versatility. has professionals who manufacture Tabriz  rugs with their skilled techniques and methods. These carpets are the most attractive and valuable type of carpets. We manufacture these carpets with a combination of silk and wool. Our skilled team members also use traditional techniques to knot these carpets and rugs with their hands. We manufacture these rugs and carpets in a variety of sizes and patterns. The different color combination is applied to Persian rugs to make them attractive and lovely.

Characteristic Tabriz Persian Rugs:

Tabriz Persian rugs are known for their characteristic features that make these a popular choice. We manufacture high-quality Tabriz carpets with unique patterns and designs. They are made with complex and complicated designs. The designs of the tabriz carpets are balanced and symmetrical that provide attractive appearances. 

The silk that we use in rugs provide the durable product that can can be long lasting with the minimum maintenance. The wool used in the manufacturing of rugs provides sheen and softness. The combination of the silk provides strength and lustrous surface to these types of carpets. The border to the edge of Tabriz carpets provides attraction to the central designs on tabriz Persian rugs. These carpets are customizable when they are manufactured on demand and can be fit any of the space. They look more elegant and attractive with the small rooms and entrances or lounges. 

Some of the categories of tabriz persian Carpets are Silk Tabriz carpets, Antique carpets, Tabriz pictorial carpets, and many more.

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