Complete Guide : How To Clean Carpet At Home

clean carpet at home

In Dubai Floor carpet provides warmth and coziness, it also risks getting stained. Thus, Stains and accidents are inherent. This applies to all households, including those with children and pets. The threads get stained due to their rapid absorption. Although it may appear daunting, removing stains from carpet is quite easy if you know how to proceed. Thus, you can try some of the easy DIY Carpet Stain Removal Techniques You Need to Know down below :

carpet stain removal

Dish Detergent Solution

In half a cup of boiling water, dissolve half a teaspoon of transparent dish soap. It’s possible this won’t completely remove a really big stain. Use this measurement to find out how much more solution is needed. Using a white cloth, directly apply the solution. Once the mark has vanished, wash the affected area with warm water to remove any detergent residue.

Use Club soda for Carpet Stain Removal

Tough wine and soda stains can be eliminated even with tried-and-true techniques like this. Simply top it with club soda and let it rest for two to three minutes. After that, the area can be blotted with paper towels or a sponge.

Cream for shaving

This one might seem strange, but it smells great and works great! First things first: use a damp towel to clean the area. After that, quickly mist it with shaving cream. Proceed with caution as even a small shaving cream can have a dramatic effect. There’s always room for more! Let the stain sit for two minutes. Then simply grab a slightly wet cloth or handkerchief that can be used to remove the shaving cream. You may wish to rinse any leftover shaving cream with warm water after the mark has vanished.

Lemon Juice & Baking Soda for Carpet Stain Removal

Make a paste by mixing equal quantities of the vinegar and baking soda. Thin the paste with warm water to get a paint-like consistency. Rub the paste into the affected spot using an old toothbrush. The spot must be cleaned using warm water and a sponge or towel in the following step.

For Oily Stains

The solution appears to cover the area with a thick layer of cornflour and leave it unattended for eight hours. Make sure to rinse the cornflour well afterwards. Ink markings can also be removed using a paste made of cornflour and milk. Allow the paste to set for a few hours after brushing it onto the stain. To prepare the paste, you must mix equal parts milk and salt. After using a brush to get rid of any leftovers, clean up!

Vinegar Solution

White vinegar and water can be mixed together to remove stains of coffee or wine. Now combine well together equal parts of water and vinegar to make a runny consistency liquid in a spray bottle. Spray the stain with something and wipe it off with a clean cloth until it is gone.

Enzyme Cleaner

Protein stains, such as those left by urine or blood, require a unique cleanup method. Enzyme cleansers provide a solution to this issue. As they are designed to decompose organic substances, cleaners containing enzymes are excellent for removing stubborn stains. To get the most out of this product, be sure to check the instructions included.

Efficiently Remove Any Excess

If the spill is one that can be cleaned up, remove any excess solids as quickly as possible with a spoon or butter knife. This will prevent the spill from leaving an enduring stain. To carefully wipe away any excess, use a clean cloth that absorbs liquid. Start at its edge and go towards the center to prevent the spot from spreading.  “Always blot, never rub,” as rubbing can cause irreversible harm to the carpet’s fibers. Continue doing this until the material is unable to absorb any more color.

Blot the stain to remove it

Use a clean, sanitized cloth to soak up the liquid as you blot from the outside in. Repetition is required until the dye runs off the fabric. After dampening the blot with cold water, pat it dry. This trick will get you a full dry: Cloth or paper towels that are ½ inch thick might be used to cover the damp area. Stack heavy objects on top of the paper towels and use fresh ones to dry them.


If you know what to do and how to do it, cleaning up carpet spots on your own might be easy. When you want to keep your home clean and free of common carpet stains, you need to know what kinds of stains there are, act quickly, and clean correctly. For tough stains, it’s wise to test the cleaner on an inconspicuous area before tackling the whole spot. Professional help might also be an option. Keeping your rugs sparkling and your home a haven of comfort requires minimal effort.

Frequently Asked Question

If you spill nail polish on your carpet by accident, don’t worry. You can make it better! Start by using a clean cloth or paper towel to carefully soak up as much of the nail polish as you can. Begin by using a fresh cloth or paper towel to gently soak up most of the nail polish from the carpet. Be careful not to rub too hard, as this might spread the stain. Then, get some non-acetone nail polish remover. Put a little bit on the spot and softly pat it with a fresh cloth. Keep doing this until the nail polish starts to come off. Once it’s gone, mix warm water with a bit of dish soap and use it to rinse the area. Dry it with a clean towel let it dry in the air until it’s all dry.

Indeed, not at all. The vinegar and baking soda remain on the rug for more than 12 hours. It is preferable to retain it rather than immediately remove it.

When the mark’s composition is unclear, mix water, dish detergent, and vinegar in equal amounts to make an all-purpose cleaning. Apply a lot of baking soda to the stain and spray it. Sanitise after drying. You may need an expert if it fails.

The recommended domestic stain remover method may not work so consult a professional. Permanent paint or ink spills require professional carpet cleaning. For best results from a professional cleaner, remove tough stains immediately.

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